How to pick the best bike lock

Best Bike Lock

Bike LockIn some places bike theft is quite common. And since bikes don’t have any number plates, it can be very hard to trace them and get them back. So if your bike has been stolen, chances are you probably won’t get it back. So your best defense against bike theft is to get a good quality bike lock.
There are three main types of bike locks.
Cable lock:
This is a good lock for areas where bike theft is not very common because it is actually pretty easy to snap this lock with power tools or bolt cutters. Made of a wound cable of steel, these cables can be cut with brute force using bolt cutters. In a high crime area, the best thing this lock will do is keep the thief occupied for a few second, minutes at most. However, it is a good option for areas that have low crime rate, especially bike theft. This is because cable locks are a lightweight and easy to carry. So it is a simple, light and easy choice for your bike security needs in a low-crime area. To put the cable lock in place, you have to make sure that the cable is wound through the frame and the wheel. It won’t if you just put the cable lock in through the wheel, because that can be removed the rest of your bike will be stolen. It is also not a very expensive lock. So for areas that have rare bike theft occurrences and overall low crime rate, cable bike lock is a good, inexpensive choice.
U-Bar Bike Lock
This is generally a good bike lock choice for areas with high crime rate. But it comes in different styles and variations so you have to look at ones you really want. You can get it in mini or light varieties. These can weigh just a few pounds or it can be as heavy as a six pound heavy duty U-bar lock. U-bar is a good and secure lock but that is not to say it cannot be taken apart with a hacksaw. However, that is only possible if you are going to be away from your bike for a long time and the thief has the time to hack through the U-bar lock. And the heavier the lock, the longer he will require. But each lock also has its own locking mechanism so make sure you don’t end up with some flimsy U-bar lock that can be easily picked with a small object like a pen. Read up a bit more about U-bar and see if it fits your security needs.
Chain Bike Lock
The chain lock has different categories that are based on the padlocks that fasten the two ends of the chain together. You can also find different lengths of chain. Chain locks are the best type of locks for a bike. So if you are living in a high crime area you should definitely consider a chain bike lock as it cannot be cut through a bolt cutter or hacksaw.

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