Why A Commercial Locksmith is Important for Your Business Security

commercial business securityWhy a Commercial Locksmith is Important for Your Business Security

Is your business secure enough? This is a question that many business people will not have a definite answer to.  However, the security of your business is entirely, and should be, a cause of concern.

As much as landing your first customers is an important factor for business success, security is much more important and should never be taken for granted at any point.

That is why every startup business person will research to find out the most secure suburban area when deciding the ideal location for his or her business. In this article, we feature some of the important roles a business owner should consider when choosing a commercial locksmith for their business.

  1. A Commercial Locksmith Repairs Broken Locks Ensuring No More Lockouts

A lockout is one of the most stressing occurrences that business owners can face. This is often a result of a damaged lock. Imagine a circumstance where you aren’t able to access your business as a result of a lockout.

You potentially risk losing fresh leads that could have been ready to purchase and turned into sales. Don’t let damaged locks keep you from accessing your office. Contact a qualified commercial locksmith for lock repair.

  1. He/She can Provide Commercial Security Solutions

Your business security is vulnerable to burglary and this might be causing you sleepless nights. You never know when the burglars plan to strike next, which is why it’s important that you hire a qualified commercial locksmith to install advanced commercial security solutions. This investment will save you from sleepless nights as you will always be assured your office and commercial building are safe throughout.

  1. A Commercial Locksmith Installs Access Control Systems

Looking to reinforce authorized access rules in your business? How about installing an Access Control System? This is a system that will guarantee you controlled access; hence, you will be able to maintain privacy as well as better accountability. This also guarantees you better protection for your important assets.

  1. They Are Available 24/7 Around the Clock

Commercial locksmiths also maintain a high availability letting you enjoy the convenience of accessing your business at anytime. Therefore, whether it’s at midnight or during the day, be sure to contact an emergency commercial locksmith for immediate assistance.

Armen Locksmith Glendale is your best commercial locksmith services provider. Contact us today for incredible prices and quotes you’ve never seen before. We offer emergency response to commercial clients at pocket friendly pricing, guaranteed.

How to Improve Door Security in Your Home

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At Armen Locksmith Glendale, we specialize in offering bespoke locksmith services to our esteemed clients. For several years, clients trust us when it comes to installation of secure door locks. However, there are several other factors that determine the door security.

In this article, we focus on educating you on how to make sure your house door is secure. Continue reading to find out the factors to consider when changing the house doors or fixing a door on a newly constructed house.

What is the Length of Your House Door Lock and Hinge Screws?

To begin with, a secure door lock should have screws that are long enough to ensure the lock is firmly attached to the door. The same applies when it comes to the house door hinges. Short size screws will easily come out making the house vulnerable.

If force is applied while pulling the lock, one can easily remove the door locks. On the other side, the hinges can easily pull off if you are using short size screws.

Which Material is used on Your House Door?

The material used on your house door should also be able to offer you top security. Consider that a metallic door is stronger than a wooden door. In case of a burglary attempt, it is easier to break into a house that has a door made from softwood compared to hardwood. Ensure you enforce your front door using steel doors which are stronger and safer.

High-Security Door Locksdoor security (818) 332-3109

Your house door locks should be able to offer you ample required security. Note that different door locks are made to offer you different security levels. Therefore, the front door locks should offer you a high level of security which is often higher than the locks on the door of the other rooms.

At Armen Locksmith Glendale, we have the required expertise to install high-level security locks. Therefore, come to us anytime when you need high-security locks installed on your door.

Install Security Cameras

A good quality security camera will record any incidents that take place at your house door. Consider the fact that security cameras also scare away any people who might have the intention of breaking into your house. Install the latest security cameras that allow you to monitor what is happening at your house door from anywhere. These are cameras with night vision capability.

Increase the Visibility of Your House Door

If your house door is highly visible to the public, then they can alert security in case your house door is being broken in. Homeowners who install a front door that is not easily visible to the public or their neighbor’s risk being victims of home burglary.

Call a Locksmith to Check the Condition of your House Door Locks When Necessary

A locksmith will advise you on the possible changes that you must do on your house door. These are aimed at improving the security of your house door. At Armen Locksmith, we have competent technicians to advise you on the best ways to improve your door security.

Is your house door secure enough? Contact Armen Locksmith Glendale whenever you need to improve your front door security. We have highly qualified technicians with experience required to ensure that your home is secure enough.

How can a locksmith keep my home safe?

Locksmith GlendaleA job of a locksmith can often be overlooked by many. We all need locks on our doors and need to keep our houses secure so we can stay safe. This means that we need to ensure we have the best possible locks and the best possible security when it comes to our living conditions. Without making our houses into prisons, there’s only so much we can do. A vital part of our security its locks. Everyone has a key to their home and locks their door every time they leave the house. This is to ensure that nobody can just walk into the house and do what they please. No two keys are the same of course, meaning it is impossible to use one key on another lock. Sometimes though, you need a stronger lock or even just a new lock after someone manages to break it. This is no problem as it’s the exact job of a locksmith.

How can a locksmith help?

Replacement locks: Let’s imagine your lock has been broken, your door is now left without one so anyone could just walk inside. This is very dangerous as it means that a burglar has a prime opportunity to come and take any of your personal belongings that could make them some money. That’s where you call a locksmith to come over and install a new lock for you. For a price, they can install a new lock and give you a brand new key so your lock will be fresh, secure and keep your house safe once again to ensure that you are secure and going to be safe in your own home without the worry of being intruded.

Emergency Locksmith door entry: In case your keys get stolen, lost or your lock gets broken, you’re going to need to get inside your house. This is where you call up a locksmith and they come to help you get inside. They will try their best to repair the lock at first but failing that will be able to drill through it to allow the door to open. This means that you’re never trapped outside your house if you’re unable to access your key or lock. You may not need this often but you’ll be extremely thankful once you do.

 Is a locksmith important?

A locksmith is very important to the safety and security of your home. Should you find yourself trapped outside your house or simply worry about someone breaking in. Perhaps the lock became flimsy or someone stole a key and you’re worried they’ll use it. A good locksmith is important to you because you want to be able to be safe and have the knowledge that at all times you will be able to be safe and able to have security in your house at all times. A locksmith ensures this and helps you to be safe.

What should I look for in a locksmith?

Overall, you should expect the best in quality. Then you should be looking for a reasonable price. Don’t overspend if you want a good locksmith but don’t go cheap. You get the quality that you pay for. Quality is obviously important when you’re trying to find the best one. You want someone who can offer you the best whilst giving the best price, this allows you to not have to spend too much money whilst being able to remain safe and secure in your home. You shouldn’t have to worry about intruders and you don’t need to with a secure lock that you are confident with and know will have no chance of being tampered with or broken. This would not be the case if you hired a cheap company to make a tacky lock.

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A Guide to Finding a Lock to Fit Your Security Needs

Locksmith GlendaleHow to choose a lock that will keep you safe at night
Your security starts at the front door and of course, the determining factor is your lock. For this reason, it is very important to ensure that you understand the best practices to follow when selecting your house door locks.

How do you cut across the clutter and select a lock that suits your needs? This is the basic question every homeowner should ask himself/herself. Here are some basic factors to consider when selecting a house security lock.

What is the Primary Function of your Door Lock?

There are three common, primary reasons why you would need a door lock: To have privacy, to have an entry point to your property and lastly, to have passage onto your property. Once you have determined the purpose, you now have a basis for selecting the strength/endurance level for your lock. For instance, your front door needs a higher level of security compared to your in-house door. A high traffic room like your bathroom will require a lock that can hold on longer.

Consider the Environment Factor

An outdoor lock is not only prone to high-level security risks. It is also prone to weather-related factors such as rain or excess sunshine. These environmental factors affect your lock’s security level. Consider that exposure to moisture leads to rust whereas excess sunshine leads to discoloration of your outdoor locks. Therefore, choosing an all-weather lock should be a priority.

The Lock Installation Basics

Does the lock require that you change the hardware in order to install it? If so, what are the consequences? Consider the level of changes you need to make on your house door and also the cost associated.

If the cost is manageable and you are okay with the changes that need to be made, then you can go ahead and purchase the lock. However, if the changes aren’t agreeable, you should go for a lock that doesn’t require the changes to be made.

In addition, it is important to consider the technical bits when it comes to lock installation. Do you need an expert to install the lock? If so, is there a readily available locksmith who can handle the lock? At Armen Locksmith Glendale, we can handle any type of lock no matter how complicated it looks. The cost associated is also fair enough.

Additional Features on the Lock

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Apart from the lock having a high-security level, you might also consider what other features come with the lock. Is it elegantly made or just a simple lock?

Does the lock design match what you want? The reason why you need to consider additional features is so as to settle for a lock that has attractive features.

Key Takeaways

Before purchasing a residential or commercial door lock, consider these basics. They will help ensure that the lock you purchase meets your property’s standards and that your security is guaranteed as well. For more advice when it comes to matters concerning door locks, come to Armen Locksmith Glendale.

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How to pick the best bike lock

Best Bike Lock

Bike LockIn some places bike theft is quite common. And since bikes don’t have any number plates, it can be very hard to trace them and get them back. So if your bike has been stolen, chances are you probably won’t get it back. So your best defense against bike theft is to get a good quality bike lock.
There are three main types of bike locks.
Cable lock:
This is a good lock for areas where bike theft is not very common because it is actually pretty easy to snap this lock with power tools or bolt cutters. Made of a wound cable of steel, these cables can be cut with brute force using bolt cutters. In a high crime area, the best thing this lock will do is keep the thief occupied for a few second, minutes at most. However, it is a good option for areas that have low crime rate, especially bike theft. This is because cable locks are a lightweight and easy to carry. So it is a simple, light and easy choice for your bike security needs in a low-crime area. To put the cable lock in place, you have to make sure that the cable is wound through the frame and the wheel. It won’t if you just put the cable lock in through the wheel, because that can be removed the rest of your bike will be stolen. It is also not a very expensive lock. So for areas that have rare bike theft occurrences and overall low crime rate, cable bike lock is a good, inexpensive choice.
U-Bar Bike Lock
This is generally a good bike lock choice for areas with high crime rate. But it comes in different styles and variations so you have to look at ones you really want. You can get it in mini or light varieties. These can weigh just a few pounds or it can be as heavy as a six pound heavy duty U-bar lock. U-bar is a good and secure lock but that is not to say it cannot be taken apart with a hacksaw. However, that is only possible if you are going to be away from your bike for a long time and the thief has the time to hack through the U-bar lock. And the heavier the lock, the longer he will require. But each lock also has its own locking mechanism so make sure you don’t end up with some flimsy U-bar lock that can be easily picked with a small object like a pen. Read up a bit more about U-bar and see if it fits your security needs.
Chain Bike Lock
The chain lock has different categories that are based on the padlocks that fasten the two ends of the chain together. You can also find different lengths of chain. Chain locks are the best type of locks for a bike. So if you are living in a high crime area you should definitely consider a chain bike lock as it cannot be cut through a bolt cutter or hacksaw.

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Taking out a Mortise Lock

Mortise Lock GlendaleTaking out the mortise lock from the front door of a nice old house is not an easy task but it’s definitely not impossible either. You may want to remove the mortise lock and change it for something more modern or simply polish it up. Whatever your reason, this article can help you take out a mortise lock.

Locating the lock

The edge of the door has a long brass plate. It has a bolt and a latch along with a couple of buttons. On the inside is a knob that moves the latch and a thumb-turn that kicks the bolt. On the outside is a grip handle that has a small lever. The lever can be moved by a thumb and above the lever is the escutcheon and a lock cylinder.

Taking the screws off

Inside the knob, the shank has a screw or two that holds the knob on the spindle. Once you have backed off the screws you can unscrew the knob.You will find that the threaded spindles are in two halves. One half will simply out and the other half can then be tipped from out of the hole. However, if you find that the spindle is non-threaded, you will see that the set screw here goes into a hole on the spindle. When you remove the set screw the knob will off the spindle.

Remove the knob rose plate

If you just want to get the lock serviced, you don’t need to remove the knob rose plate but if you are painting the door you will have to remove it. You will find the knob rose plate with little wood screws.

Removing the thumb-turn

Held in place by two screws, you can easily take out the thumb turn by removing the screws.

Unscrew the lock cylinder

The lock cylinder is held in place by a set screw, threaded into the lock body. On the edge of the door, the cylinder set screw can be found in line with the cylinder. Here, you do not want to completely take out the screw but just loosen it up enough so that the cylinder turns 2-4 times. An easy way to do this is by inserting the key almost all the way in and then use the key to unscrew the cylinder.

Taking out the face plate. 

Now it is the just two wooden screws at bottom and top that are keeping the lock body in place. You can slide the lock body out of the pocket if you extend the bolt. However, if the lock body is stuck, you can put a screw driver into spindle hole and pull a bit at it until the face plate comes out a little bit. What you should NOT DO is try to pry off the face plate. It will just mess up the face plate and the door. If you also want to take off the grip handle, it is either screwed in with wooden screws or has a bolt from the inside.

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